5 Things You Can Do For VBS

Vacation Bible School was always fun as a kid.  Sometimes you as an adult, however, it has been announced causing feelings of guilt or remorse.  These usually come to those who want to help but are not sure just what to do.  There are all kinds of things to do for VBS, but let me share these five with you if you are not volunteering but wish you could.

1. Pray

Pray for each child that comes to VBS to receive a well planned and well presented presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pray for each volunteer to have the energy and enthusiasm necessary to prepare and present the gospel.  Pray that each volunteer would receive as much of a blessing as I know they will be giving.  Pray that through the presentation of the gospel we will see the fruit of several born again, new believers.  Pray that we can and will disciple each of them and other Christians as well after VBS has ended.

2. Give

Give of your time to visit the church a little during VBS hours if you are not a volunteer.  The kids would love to see you and get to know you.  Give financially if you cannot visit or volunteer.  Every penny given is used for and eternally significant event.  Some of the greatest leaders of the world and the church have been through VBS.  God will bless you for your giving, and maybe even by someone in heaven telling you thank you.

3. Volunteer

We can always use an extra hand during this busy time. There will be a place for the crafty, the cooks, the mission minded, and the musically inclined.  If you are a Christian with a Spiritual Gift you can be used in a mighty way.

4. Encourage

Sometimes a small pat on the back goes a long way and means an awful lot to those trying so hard to produce the very best VBS.  I know none of the volunteers will be looking for one nor ever ask someone for it, but I know they would greatly appreciated one when it comes.  Just a few words of recognition can give someone the extra boost they need to make it until the last day.

5. Reach Out

Take the time before VBS starts to reach out to people you know and invite them to join us.  After the event has passed, reach out to follow up with people who attended but have no home church.  This might be a way for you to help if you could not help in any other way.