Revived and Alive

As a kid growing up in a Southern Baptist Church, when I heard our church was “going to have revival,” I thought how great that was because that meant good dinners at church and nights of staying up late.  Sadly for many of the adult Christians in my childhood church, revival meant the same thing to them.  Even more sad, is for many the idea of revival has not changed.
I want to ask you to consider your understanding of revival, and what would it mean for you and JFBC (or whatever church you attend) to “have revival?”  Read what Dr. Martin Loyd Jones says revival is for a church and Christian.

Tuesday Table Talks

Introducing something new. I will post every Tuesday excerpts from the past Sunday sermon to the blog. This is to encourage you to sit together with family and friends and dig further into God’s Word. Use this time to discuss and answer any questions that came to mind during the sermon. Talk with each other about how God spoke to your heart from His Word, and how you will apply it personally. May it bless and grow you and your family. Remember the words of Jesus, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.”

Sunday’s Sermon on Forgiveness: Sticks and Stones

Trusting in God’s Word

Standing on God’s Word