Our Beliefs

  • Our belief is God wrote the Holy Scriptures through the minds and hands of men, free of error, and it can be trusted as our faith guide for life and church. All Scripture points us to Jesus Christ and has salvation as its purpose.
  • Our belief is in the eternally existing one and only one true and living Triune God, the Creator, Ruler and Redeemer of the universe. God is Holy and Perfect in all His attributes. He is complete and undivided in His being, and reveals Himself to us interacting with us as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; and He alone is worthy of all our worship and reverence.
  • Our belief is in Jesus Christ as God the Son in human flesh, born of the virgin Mary; who lived an entirely sinless life, died a selfless death on the cross making atonement for the sin of the world. Jesus physically rose from the grave after three days, was seen by all His followers, went back to heaven in His glorified body, works to meet the needs of all believers; and He will visibly return to earth as he promised. The Father, in Jesus, has only one Go-between for Him and humanity.
  • Our belief is the Holy Spirit, fully Divine, inspired men to write the Scriptures, the Father and the Son sent Him convict people of sin, righteousness and judgment. At the moment of salvation, the Holy Spirit changes men and women into new creations of Christ, works to grow them in spiritual maturity, and He comforts and keeps them saved until Jesus’ return.
  • Our belief is God created through Adam and Eve only one race, the human race, and every person is specially formed by God as either male or female in His image. Gender is God’s good gift that cannot be changed. Because of Adam’s freewill choice all are inclined to and choose to sin. Unless each person receives Jesus as Savior and Lord, being born again by the work of the Holy Spirit he or she will be eternally separated from God.
  • Our belief is at Christ return God will resurrect all believers with glorified bodies to eternal life; and the lost who refused God’s gift of grace, will be raised to eternal damnation in hell.
  • Our belief is believers of all times, from every tribe, tongue and nation are what the New Testament calls the Body of Christ. Each believer associates with other believers through baptism by immersion in a local, autonomous congregation operating under the Lordship of Jesus through a democratic process.
  • Our belief is membership in the local church is a privilege to be cherished. Members are accountable to Jesus and each other through unity, enjoy fellowship together through observance of the Lord’s Supper, use his/her spiritual giftedness for working in ministry, must bear good testimony in life for Christ, and are given a responsibility to make disciples of all people everywhere.
  • Our belief is God has entrusted His resources to His children for the purpose of fulfilling His mission. Each one should regularly and consistently give with joy of their time, talents and financial resources through the local church to advance the cause of Christ on earth.
  • Our belief is God established and ordained the family; all persons related through marriage, blood or adoption, as the bedrock of all societies. Marriage is a lifetime covenant relationship to be enter into only between a man and a woman. Children are children from conception, and are to be cherished as a blessing by their parents, whose responsibility is to teach them spiritual and moral values.
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