Outreach to Care for Our Community


Outreach through Missions

As Jesus left this world to return to heaven he left instructions for His followers to, “Go and Make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,…” Matt 28:19
JFBC memberstake time to go or give to mission work in many areas in our state, country and some globally. Our Women on Mission and Adults on Mission actively pray for our Southern Baptist missionaries, as well as participate in projects to aid in mission work.

Outreach through Ministry

Jesus, moved with compassion, cared for the sick, feed the hungry and clothed and housed the homeless and did many other thigns for people in need. He ministered to the need set before Him wherever He went.

He tells us we are to do the same as we seek to follow Him because “…to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to me.” Matt. 25:40
JFBC seeks to do this through a variety of ministries to the local communities. You will find more information below:

School Ministry 

The mission of the School Ministry of Jonesboro First Baptist Church is to support all staff members of Jonesboro Elementary School through regular prayer and monthly acts of gratitude and appreciation for the work they do with the children in our community. Volunteers from the church receive a prayer card with the name and position of staff members along with some suggestions for prayer. Those volunteers commit to praying on a regular basis for that individual through the end of the school year. Other activities of the School Ministry include the following:
Letters of appreciation for each staff member
Deliver fruit trays and baskets to the school
Provide basket of healthy snacks to school
Valentines and cookies for all staff members
“Goody bag” to encourage staff during state testing
Provide a meal for all staff members
It is our prayer that those who work so closely with our children will be strengthened by God through our prayers, and will know that we appreciate their dedication to the well-being of our children.
Some of the Items Delivered:

Back to School Blessing 

Our Young Women’s Sunday School class works to provide free school supplies and clothes to those in need on a Saturday before the beginning of each school year.
Kids receive free backpacks. Our clothes closet is open for people to shop through during this time as well.
You can also call the church anytime during the school year to receive assistance.