201 West Walnut Street
Jonesboro, Il. 62952
Coffee & Bible Study – 9:00 AM
Worship – 8:15 & 10:35 AM; 6:00 PM
Adult Bible Study – 6:30 PM
Youth & Awana Kid’s Ministry – 6:30 PM 


We are excited that you have chosen to visit Jonesboro First Baptist Church. Please take a look around our website where we hope you will find many ways God is working in and through us. We believe you are viewing our website because of God’s intended design for your life today. The Bible says that God has placed eternity in the hearts of everyone, so many people feel that emptiness but don’t realize God is the only one to fill it. They seek to fill it with all sorts of worldly things. If you are seeking God for the first time he can be found, and our goal is to help you find him here. Maybe you have tried church before but need a fresh and exciting encounter through worship, if so our services are filled with people seeking the same thing each Sunday.  We seek to make this place a warm and environment for everyone that comes. We want to help you become a committed follower of Jesus Christ through all that we do here. Please come visit us during one of our services, events or ministries which we hope in some way will have a Lasting Effect on you. God Bless.
Even if you are not sure about God, Church or the whole Christian thing, we welcome you to join us anyway during one of our services. Bring your questions, doubts or concerns we will gladly, prayerfully and respectfully listen to them. Feel free to ask us anything you wish.
Our preaching and teaching is firmly grounded in the Bible because only God’s Word can eternally impact our lives. Our worship is directed toward an audience of One, God Himself, so to express our deep love for him and our thankfulness. Our times together as God’s people are oriented in caring for and loving one another, so that the world will know we are His disciples. We want to Care for Our Community and you.


What to Expect When You Visit

You can expect to be greeted warmly when you enter the doors of Jonesboro First Baptist Church. We want everyone who enters to feel a Loving Environment. Our desire is for you to sense the Spirit of the Lord as we seek to honor Him in fellowship and worship.

For senior adults or individuals with difficulty climbing stairs there is additional parking in the gravel lot behind our building located on Church Street. For all others park in the paved lot, and once you enter the building there are three sets of stairs that lead to our worship area.

Our worship times are 8:15 and 10:35 am on Sundays. Each service is a very casual atmosphere with a reverent tone; please look at our Upreach page for a description of our worship style. You will hear uplifting praise from our music leaders and applicable preaching from our pastor’s heart.
If you come to the early service please feel free to join us afterwards during our coffee and community time in the downstairs dining area. It begins at 9 AM, thirty minutes before our morning Bible study time. This is a great opportunity to meet our members in order to make them your new friends.
You may wonder what do I wear to worship. Whatever you feel comfortable in! We have no dress code; however, you will see men in jeans or khakis and golf shirts as well as coats and ties. For women, pants, jeans, skirts or dresses are all acceptable. Our youth tend to be casual but reverent in their dress. It is not what you wear that matters to us, just your presence is important.

Spiritual growth is important no matter what our age. Having a relationship with Christ is most important and developing a deep commitment is a life-long process. We offer many opportunities to grow spiritually. We encourage you to participate in worship, find a Sunday School class that meets at 9:30 AM and select a small group that will offer study and accountability. Take advantage of our various programs and you’ll be amazed at how fast you will become familiar with everything and everyone.


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Our Purpose
Uniting together in: UPREACH to God with prayer and worship; OUTREACH to our community with mercy and compassion; and INREACH to one another with love and care.
Our Goal
Helping everyone become committed followers of Christ at home, in Southern Illinois, throughout North America and around the world.
Our Call
Preaching and teaching the Bible, encouraging each other, and equipping all DISCIPLEs to serve and to share the gospel through missions and ministries in our community and the world.
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True Life: Answers To Life’s Toughest Questions

Answering Life’s Hard Questions and Bringing People to Church -


Clicking the link will provide you with an online giving form.  You can set up a one-time or recurring gift.

Jesus’ teaching on money says His followers should be faithful and obedient in managing the income He gives to each of them.  In obedience we give the ten percent of our income He established in the Old Testament and upheld in the New Testament, and by faith we trust God to take care of our needs with the rest of our money.
When you give to JFBC, we to manage well what you trust us with, because we recognize that you want God’s money to be used for fulfilling God’s purpose for His church.  We use your gifts for ministries and mission endeavors that help people everywhere become committed followers of Christ, who will also give faithfully and obediently.  You can give during one of our worship services during the designated giving time, or you will find below several means by which to give your tithe and offerings.


Text Giving

You can text your gift to  
In the message section enter you dollar amount ie: $100 with the words “Text Giving”
The first time you will be sent a link to enter you information in a form.  The next time will be a simple reply with a receipt.


Mail Your Gift

You can send it in a sealed envelope or in a numbered envelope provided by the church office.  Mail your check or cash to:
Jonesboro First Baptist
P. O. Box 32
Jonesboro, IL
You will be sent a receipt in the mail and a tax appropriate form at the end of the year.
Sunday AM Services:
Early Worship – 8:15
Coffee Fellowship – 9:00
Bible Study Classes – 9:30
Late Worship – 10:35
Sunday PM Services:
Choir Rehearsal – 4:50
Worship Service – 6:00
Wednesday PM Services:
Awana/Children’s Ministry – 6:00
Adult Bible Study & Prayer Service – 6:30

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Church Information:

Street Address: 201 W Walnut Street

Address: P.O. Box 32
              Jonesboro, Illinois 62952
Phone:   618-833-7981
Fax:        618-83-4021
Our office is open Monday – Friday 8 AM to 4:30 PM. The Office entrance is located on Church Street on the opposite side of the building from the parking lot.

Motions & Musings

Saturday Coffee Women’s Event

This is a multi-age gathering of women from Jonesboro First Baptist Church for coffee, coke or tea. They will be socializing, discovering new things about each other, planning new activities and having a short devotion together. Please consider joing them.


Easter Events

  • Palm Sunday, March 20 – Church Fellowship after late morning service – NO evening service
  • Good Friday, March 25 – Prayer Time 6:30 p.m., Service 7 p.m.
  • Easter Sunday, March 27 – One morning service at 10:35 a.m. with cantata – NO evening service

One for the Cross

Palm Sunday, March 20, a special offering for Bald Knob Cross will be taken. A suggested donation is $1 by each person attending on that day.

Rebuilding God’s House When It has been Fractured

There are unfortunate moments that Christians experience, moments of devastation which at times appear to destroy them.  God walks gently and firmly with each Christian through those valleys to teach, lead, heal and eventually restore him or her back health and vibrancy.  Once the Christian has submitted to God in each of these areas, then God uses that person to accomplish wonderful works in His kingdom.
The same can be said for a Church which is nothing more than The Body of Christ consisting of Christians who experience such aforementioned moments, which unfortunately, those moments can happen in the context of the Church.  When those moments are discussed or thought about, wounds tend to still seem open and hurting, feelings flare up, hurts well up, and a lot of emotions flood the mind. 
Many of us can look back in life and remember when something extremely important to us got broken or destroyed; maybe it was grandmother’s fine china set broken in the move.  It could have been your too son deceased Mother’s vase, that you keep in view to remind you of her.  Possibly, you were one of the unfortunate ones like myself, who in some way has broken badly some bone.  For me it was my left arm, which got all twisted in a automobile crash, and the doctors worked as if to put a puzzle back together.  In any of those instances, the goal was to carefully and purposefully piece back together what was broken or fractured.
So, how does the core that is left after such devastating and destructive moments put the pieces back together?  The ones who are faithful to remain, how do they move forward instead of stay stagnant or worse begin to decline?  How do the ones God has called to rebuild His House, His Body once it has been fractured?